Mrs. Lucretia Moss
Dec 22, '14
Mrs. Lucretia Moss
Charles Parker
Dec 22, '14
Damien Byrd
Dec 18, '14
Damien  Byrd
Antoine Davis
Dec 09, '14
Sharon Hayes
Dec 08, '14
Sharon Hayes
Debra Richards
Nov 29, '14
Debra Richards
William Banks
Nov 28, '14
William Banks
Paul Hood
Nov 28, '14
Paul Hood
Josephine Barnes
Nov 26, '14
Josephine Barnes
Myron May, JD
Nov 20, '14
Myron  May, JD
Willie Jenkins
Nov 14, '14
Willie Jenkins
Henry Bailey
Nov 05, '14
Henry Bailey
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6 Tips on Growing Through the Holidays
The holidays are a difficult time--which is understood by many. Negotiating the holiday season while in the middle of a grief walk is another challenge all together. At this point in your process, regardless of how long you have been grieving, stop and take care of yourself. We need to take care of ourselves everyday, but the necessity is ten-fold during the holidays! Consider these six tips for making it through the holidays, while learning and growing with grace while you do!

1) Find someone who understands.
Being able to discuss the issues you face when grieving is one of the most important tools you can have. Considering that holidays are always a strange time presents you with a situation that NEEDS to be discussed. Many people understand losing someone; they can sympathize. The great gift of healing this holiday season might be finding someone to empathize, someone who has been there, who knows, almost with out you saying it, how you are feeling. Find someone!

2) Give yourself the space and time to heal and grieve!
Holidays are the busiest time of the year. In the middle of all the chaos, with relatives or office parties and the work crunch of attempting to catch up before the holiday sets in, find a time for yourself. Start with 10 minutes a day, maybe in the morning, before you do anything else. Spend those 10 minutes doing what you like and doing what makes you feel better. Once I had a friend who gave herself some "me" time by watching a little bit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She refused to be interrupted. When you are comfortable with giving yourself the 10 minutes, give yourself a half an hour. In that time allow yourself the permission to break down. There is hope in letting go. Holidays and grieving require a great deal of strength, but giving in to the grief is not a sign of weakness. Tell yourself you get this time to "fall apart" should you need or want to. If you do it will help you so that you will not feel deprived or like you are forcing anything.

3) Accept that things are different this year.
Change is not all that easy, regardless of how good it is. Spending a holiday without a loved one is as unwelcome a change as anything could be. However, this is a perfect time to accept things as they are. Perhaps the traditions are changing this year, or you are moving on in your grief journey. Perhaps there are people missing this season. Accept that these changes have happened. While recognizing that you are still grieving or sad, know that you can move on, that grace is still with you. Challenge yourself to mark this season with acceptance.

4)Move through the grief stages at your own pace; this is not a race!
No one is clocking you in this journey to feeling better and to deal with grief. Remember that you can handle things at your own pace. If you find yourself telling yourself that you "should be over it" by now or that you are "holding on", relax and breathe deeply. Try five deep breaths. With each inhale, say, "This is a process." And, with each exhale, say, "I accept this process!"

5) Find something to rejoice in.
It is curious that often we feel that finding happiness after a loss is somehow a betrayal of the lost one. If you have this idea lurking in the back of your mind, fear not; you are not alone. Such a response is entirely human and expected. This is part of the normal range of emotion. Rejoicing in life is part of life. Find one thing to rejoice over every day this holiday season. It might be the snow, or the lights on the trees, or the project you`re working on, or the reflection in the mirror. Find that thing and rejoice, everyday!

6) Find a way to be of service either through a volunteer group, a network of friends, your place of worship, or any agency or person that might need "something special".

One thing that continually helps oneself is to be of service. I personally have never come home from volunteering, sponsoring or helping someone out and said, "Darn, I sure wish I hadn`t done that!" Being of service ensures that you reach out of yourself and participate in your community, whatever that community might be. For years, my family and I have served food to those who cannot afford it for Christmas. Each time I do this, I know that I have put something good into the world and as my reward I have escaped my own miseries for hours at a time. Especially during the holidays, charities are in need of volunteers. The Red Cross is a good place to start but any community will have a directory of places to help! -by Marie Slayton

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At Christian Memorial Chapel, we have been providing quality and dignified funeral services to families in our surrounding communities since 1962 -thus making us Graceville’s oldest only continuously, family owned funeral home. Our commitment to serve you better transcends our facility. Our website will provide you with information about us and all of the services that we provide at Christian Memorial Chapel. We invite you to browse our website, and please feel comfortable enough to stop and submit a question or comment if you wish. Our ultimate goal is to make our families and visitors feel comfortable while paying respects to their lost loved ones, and to provide meaningful services to your family that truly reflect your individual wishes, and most importantly - the life of your loved one. The professional staff at Christian Memorial Chapel is here to help ease the burden of your grief and also to provide guidance in your time of need. We make considerable efforts to maintain our focus on the high standards expected of a place of tribute.

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We at Christian Memorial Chapel consider ourselves to be very blessed to be a family-owned funeral home, now in our 52nd year of operation and continuous family ownership in the Graceville Area. We have not changed hands or been sold throughout the years. We are still owned and operated by the very same family which started the funeral home in 1962. What this means for our community is a very stable, professional, trusted firm, which will not waiver from its founding principles. At Christian Memorial Chapel, we have worked hard to build a spotless reputation of caring, professionalism, and integrity to the families we have the honor of serving.

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